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Review: Looking For Alaska


I don’t know how he does it? Maybe John Green has a secret line into my heart so he knows exactly when and where to tug?
Without giving away huge spoilers, this is essentially a book about growing up, friendship, choices/not-choices. About dealing or not dealing with death.

The story starts with Miles Halter choosing to leave highschool to attend a boarding school instead. Not having many real friends at his old school, he quickly finds the sort of friends, that honestly, I’ve only read about in books. The book itself doesn’t even cover a whole school year, yet is well paced. I feel I could draw you a map of Culver Creek school, if I could draw well, I can smell the woods they hide out in.

I don’t know what else to say, exept Green manages to smash my heart into a million pieces (again ~ first time was with the Fault in Our Stars) and pick them up and put them back together and all without me hating him. He writes beautifully, and I do find myself wondering just how much is autobiographical and how much is pure imagingation.

If you’ve not read it, I’d highly recommend it – 5/5.

Easter reading – Påskekrim

As not really being enamoured by Easter eggs, I find the chocolate a bit of a let down, like advent calendar style, the thing I’ve been most looking forward to with the long weekend was the chance to catch up on some reading. Yesterday I finished reading Yrsa Sigurðardóttir’s Silence of the Sea which I haven’t yet written a review of, the tension had me gripped right until the last page, and it gave me chills at certain points it was so creepy! I loved it and need to get my hands on more of the series. I’m currently trying to hold off writing book reviews, mostly because I never feel like I can do it justice – do you give a run down of the whole plot? which could essentially include spoilers? if not how do you say what you enjoyed without giving away the story? thankfully I’m starting a course in a couple of week’s about Critical Reading, and part of that includes writing critically about what you’ve read, so I’m hoping this will help me improve in this area.

Next up on my list for this weekend is Torkil Damhaug’s Medusa – I have no idea what it’s about, I was buying some books from The Work’s and needed to buy a couple extra to take advantage of a deal, so searched for ‘Scandinavian Crime’ (one of my favourite genres if you hadn’t guessed already), and bought the handful they had.

Torkil Damhaug Medusa book

Torkil Damhaug’s Medusa

Then this morning I read this great article over at Visit Norway about  – the Norwegian tradition of reading crime books at Easter called Påskekrim (Easter crime), apparently came about in 1923 when two poor writers decided to try and cash in, by writing an Easter themed crime novel, that garnered loads of publicity and the rest as they say, is history.

So it was serendipity that I chose a Norwegian crime novel to read for Easter, and I think I’m going to over indulge in Påskekrim every Easter and I’d love to get some more recommendations in the comments.